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Become a Volunteer

The professional development of Charlotte’s business community continues to grow quickly and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.  Every year, ATD Charlotte's board manages many projects to grow its chapter membership base and the worth it gives back to its members.  This leaves many volunteer opportunities that can help to serve the professional community, stimulate your professional development, and help to create or expand upon your network (professionally and personally).

By helping with projects and work board members are pursuing, it can help you to…
  •         Challenge yourself with small, medium, and/or large projects
  •         Keep a strong and active resume
  •         Utilize skills you have and develop new ones
  •         Get an inside glimpse of the ATD Charlotte chapter, its board, and its membership
  •         Let your voice be heard and be able to help issues see resolution
  •         Network, network, network; both professionally and personally
  •         Boost your visibility in the professional community

Additionally for young professionals, those new to the field of T&D, and those just looking to learn new tricks of the T&D trade, volunteering allows you to talk, walk, and work along with professionals who range in all levels of experience (novice to expert).  This can also lead to exposure to professionals who work in some of the strongest companies based here in Charlotte.

Volunteer opportunities include:

      • Greeter/guide
      • “Assigned friend” for guests/new members
      • “Facilitated networking“ during networking hour
      • Plan icebreakers/networking activities for monthly meetings
      • Assist facilitation of speaker activities/breakouts
      • Follow-up after meetings to thank Guests & New Members

Community Service

      • Participate in community service activities

Chapter Operations

      • Find venues for meeting and events
      • Contact members to encourage membership renewal or “Power User” membership
      • Meet with corporate Talent leaders to promote corporate-level membership/event sponsorship
      • Social media promotion (official “ATD Tweeter”)

To volunteer, contact any ATD board member or email us at info@atdcharlotte.org.

All volunteers with ATD must be an active member of our Chapter.  If you’re not a member, find out about how membership with our Chapter can benefit you right here!

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